Visa requirements for Non-EU students:

  1. proof  that you are accepted at Spiru Haret University(USH)

The USH approval for studies of the student (admission based on his/her school documents);

  • The payment in full of the annual tuition fees;
  • USH will issue an annual contract of studies for the student;
  • USH will release evidence that the approval for studies has been granted and provided room and board, against charge (a down payment is required for room and board, for minimum 90 days).
  1. getting the residence from The Romanian Immigration Office. Upon the acceptance of the student for studying at the University, USH will submit to the Romanian Office for Immigration a letter of acceptance for the student, along with the evidence of full payment for room and board for 90 days.  The purpose is that the student should be granted the right of temporary residence in Romania.


  • getting Visa from the Romanian Mission or Consulate in your home country. Documents required to be submitted by the  student, in order to be issued a long-term visa for residence in Romania:
  • the letter of acceptance from USH (information will be asked for from the Romanian Immigration Office)
  • the proof of full payment for the academic year
  • the certificate of criminal record, issued by the country of origin
  • the proof of accommodation at USH (a 90-day worth advance payment for the dormitory)
  • the proof of payment for the daily meals at USH (a 90-day worth advance payment)

At the Consulate and the Customs, the student needs to present proof that he/she is able to support himself/herself for a 90-day interval (the equivalent in EUR of 3 minimum wages, in cash or as a bank statement).




"Dear students, the gates of Spiru Haret University are open for you! We are looking forward to your joining our large family!"

Prof. Aurelian A. BONDREA, Ph.D. Rector of Spiru Haret University