More details...

    Posted:09:29, 03-10-2017


    More details...

    Posted:09:28, 03-10-2017


    More details..

    Posted:09:23, 03-10-2017



    Posted:09:13, 03-04-2017


    General Inspectorate for Immigration offers you the opportunity to submit on-lin, 24/7, for extension of the temporary stay right for studies by accessing the website


    Posted:13:05, 26-09-2016

  • Afişul evenimentului                                     Programul de desfăşurare

    Posted:12:56, 02-09-2015

  • Facultatea de Litere, în colaborare cu Centrul de Studii Multiculturale şi Multilingvistice şi Biroul Studenţi Străini al Universităţii Spiru Haret organizează în perioada 4-11 septembrie 2015, a 7-a ediţie a Şcolii de Vară, intitulată “Multiculturalism, multilingvism şi dezvoltare internaţională”.  Cu această ocazie se vor susţine cursuri intensive de limba germană sub îndrumarea instructorilor din Austria, vor fi prezentate scurte prelegeri despre cultura şi civilizaţia română, franceză, engleză , spaniolă şi arabă, de către profesori ai Facultăţii de Litere, cu participarea reprezentanţilor Institutului Cervantes şi ai Centrului Cultural European Româno-Pan-Arab CCERPA. Înscrierile se fac până la data de 25 august anul curent. Intrarea este liberă.  Programul evenimentului aici…. 

    Posted:12:02, 29-07-2015


    Posted:13:20, 18-06-2015

  • Posted:12:27, 22-10-2014

  • Meet the students and teachers from the Faculty of Architecture!
    You can access:

    Posted:08:59, 15-10-2014

  • Dechiderea anului Universitar 2014 - 2015

    Posted:20:49, 30-09-2014


    Posted:10:36, 26-06-2014

  • Spiru Haret University Faculty of Sociology-Psychology
    Inimă Iubitoare Universală Foundation
    Romanian Association for Transpersonal Psychology

    Invite you to the international conference:

    The Universal Loving Heart and the Divine Knowledge of Enlightenment as Common Essence of all Religion

    Monday, June 30th, 2014, hrs: 18.30-21.15  
    Tuesday, July, 1st, 2014, hrs: 18.30-21.15
    Spiru Haret University, 13 Ion Ghica Str.
    STUDIO Hall, Ground floor

    Special Guest and Speaker:
    Master Guru Karma Tanpai Gyaltshen Acharya

    Other Speakers:
    Writer, Theoretician and Essayist Vasile Andru
    Prof. dr. Ion Mânzat, Hyperion University
    Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Mircea Aurel Niță, SNSPA

    Moderator: A/Prof. Matei Georgescu (PhD)
    With participation of Prof. Ph.D. Laura Goran


    Executive Committee:
    Prof. dr. Carmen Costea
    Assist. Prof. Amina Pîrvescu

    Media partners:
    Herald Publishing House
    Vedic Dharma Association
    Alternative Sciences Association
    Opinia Națională

    Posted:11:55, 25-06-2014

  • Posted:18:57, 20-05-2014

  • Spiru Haret University, Sociology-Psychology Department
    Invite you to the international conference:

    The Power of Visionary Art – Evolution of Consciousness
    From the series: Spirituality serving education

    Howard G. Charing, author
    Prof. Ph. D. Mihaela Minulescu, National School of Political and Administrative Studies
    Prof. Ph. D. Vintilă Mihăilescu, National School of Political and Administrative Studies

    Translation: psih. Aurel Mocanu
    Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Ph. D. Matei Georgescu, Spiru Haret University

    Thursday, 22-th of mai 2014, 19 hours
    Spiru Haret University, Studio Hall, 13 Ion Ghica street, Ground floor
    Free entrance


    Posted:08:15, 19-05-2014

  • How to start a successful career in Romania

    Who can attend?

    All students eager to successful career Where?
    Studio Room, Spiru Haret University, no. 13, Ion Ghica Street, Bucharest


    May 15th at 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
    Attending is free.


    Posted:16:40, 14-05-2014

  • How to start a successful career in Romania

    Who can attend?

    All students eager to successful career Where?
    Studio Room, Spiru Haret University, no. 13, Ion Ghica Street, Bucharest


    May 8th at 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
    Attending is free.


    Posted:08:25, 29-04-2014

  • Fundatia Romania de Maine si Universitatea Spiru Haret
    va doreste sa aveti un

    Paste fericit alaturi de cei dragi!

    Posted:09:02, 19-04-2014

  • The 4thLaw & Social Order International Conference of USH Constanta - Bucuresti The 25th of April 2014
    Details about the program can be found at :  
    Event schedule: Click

    Posted:10:54, 16-04-2014

  • Posted:08:29, 14-04-2014

  • Posted:14:32, 10-04-2014

  • EALTA Summer School

    from JULY 28 (13:00) TO AUGUST 1 (12.30)

    More details...

    Posted:13:44, 01-04-2014

  • Summer School 2014 - The Language Assessment Institute Modena

    1) Basic Principles in Language Testing and Assessment
    Antony J. Kunnan (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
    2) A learning-oriented Approach to Classroom-Based Assessment
    James E. Purpura Columbia University, New York
    Carolyn E. Turner McGill University, Montreal
    3) An Introduction to Performance Assessment
    Kirby Grabowski Columbia University, New York

     Brochure   More details...


    Posted:13:20, 01-04-2014

  • USH undertakes to respect the following principles:
    - Respect the principles of non-discrimination set out in ERASMUS Program and ensure equal access and opportunities to mobility to all participants no matter their gender, age, race, apparentness;
    - Ensure the entire recognition for completed activities of study mobility, developed according to all Erasmus principles in force;
    - Charge of no fees, in the case of credit mobility, to incoming mobile students fr tuition, registrations, examinations and full access to all academic facilities.

    Posted:16:45, 26-03-2014

  • New possibilities to study abroad for USH Students!
    Applications to Türkiye Scholarships at post-graduate and doctoral levels have started.

    The deadline for applications is 31 March 2014.

    The Scholarship Guide can be found at

    Posted:11:09, 24-03-2014

  • Spiru Haret University participation in EURAS

    The First International Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education which has held on May 9-10th, 2013 has published.  Please kindly find the EURAS Proceedings of The First International Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education within the Eurasian Universities Union  through this link:

    Posted:14:41, 10-03-2014

  • Romanian-Indonesian Musical Encounters

    Spiru Haret University
    Faculty of Arts
    Embassy of Indonesia

    Mrs. Elizabeth Bharata, piano
    Ms. Reika Bharata, violin
    and a group of children from the Indonesian Embassy
    More details...

    Posted:11:18, 07-03-2014

  • Let’s Talk Business

    The series of Alternative Education events "Let's Talk Business" continues in the current academic year during the second semester, from March to May 2014. Events will be organized by Spiru Haret University and will be held in collaboration with partners and ALERON
    More details ...

    Posted:14:42, 04-03-2014

  • Romanian-Indonesian Musical Encounters
    Friday, March 14th, 2014, 6:00 p.m.

    Posted:12:08, 28-02-2014

  • Posted:12:06, 26-02-2014

  • Sociology-Psychology Department

    Invite you to the international conference:

    Vedic Astrology and Education
    From the series: Spirituality serving education

    Poster           More details...

    Posted:12:52, 25-02-2014

  • International Summer School on Global Leadership

    6 -18 July 2014  for dissemination

    Posted:08:38, 04-02-2014

  • Energy Security Workshop

    The European Academy of Diplomacy is now accepting applications for the first edition of the Energy Security Workshop and cordially invite you, your students and your colleagues to participate in this upcoming project.

    Posted:10:43, 14-01-2014

  • Business Analytics Day at Louisiana Tech
    The Louisiana Tech University College of Business will host its first annual Business Analytics Day in Shreveport , La. , on Jan. 10, 2014. The event will feature talks by several prominent members of the analytics community on how analytics and big data are being used to help organizations make more intelligent decisions. Speakers include:
    • Bill Franks, chief analytics officer of Teradata and author of “Taming the Big Data Tidal Wave: Finding Opportunities in Huge Data Streams with Advanced Analytics”
    • Alan Schwarz, Pulitzer Prize-nominated national correspondent for education for The New York Times and author of “The Numbers Game: Baseball’s Lifelong Fascination with Statistics”
    • Laurie Anne Garrow of the Georgia Tech University School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and author of “Discrete Choice Modelling and Air Travel Demand”
    • Maytal Saar-Tsechansky of the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin
    • Catherine Truxillo of the SAS Institute
    • James J. Cochran of the Louisiana Tech College of Business and co-author of “Essentials of Business Analytics”
    For registration please access 

    Posted:12:31, 02-01-2014

  • Institutul Central de Cercetare  Ştiinţifică organizează  joi, 12 decembrie 2013, ora 12.30, la sediul Universității Spiru Haret din str. Ion Ghica nr. 13, Sala Senatului,  workshop-ul "Protecţia datelor şi protecția proprietății intelectuale în activitatea de cercetare".  Sunt invitați sa participe la workshop toți cercetătorii Universității Spiru Haret.

    Posted:13:22, 09-12-2013

  • The Ad Astra Awards for Excellence in Research

    Founded in 2000, Ad Astra Association reunites Romanian researchers worldwide and promotes excellence in research.
    In line with its aim of developing basic science in Romania, Ad Astra identifies and promotes models of success, exceptional results of Romanian researchers within the country and abroad.
    Starting with 2014, Ad Astra initiates the Awards for Excellence in Research covering a wide range of scientific disciplines, as detailed below, in the fields of: Physical and Chemical Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Biophysics), Life Sciences (Biology, Pharmacy, Medicine), Earth and Space Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics; Social Sciences and Humanities.
    We invite for nominations and self-nominations (applications) according to the regulations.
    At the first edition, the Ad Astra Awards will include a financial component (500 euro) for researchers activating in Romania.
    The deadline for nominations and self-nominations is March 15, 2014.
    More details    Regulations

    Posted:14:22, 18-11-2013

  • The Honorable Merchant in International Marketing

    Cancun, Mexico 
    Wednesday, April 16 – Friday, April 18, 2014

    Posted:14:12, 23-10-2013

  • Universitatea Spiru Haret
    Facultatea de Sociologie-Psihologie

    Vă invită la conferința:
    Ancestralul din comunicarea nonverbală – noi abordări transdisciplinare.

    Invitat special: Stephen Paul – Marea Britanie

    Conf. univ. dr. Mircea Aurel Niță – SNSPA
    Conf. univ. dr. Matei Georgescu – Universitatea Spiru Haret

    Traducerea: Ionela Solomon, SNSPA

    Miercuri, 23 octombrie, orele 16.00 – 17.30
    Amifiteatrul Radu Zane, str. Grigore Alexandrescu nr. 9, sector


    Posted:16:03, 22-10-2013

  • Call for Papers
    2014 AMA Annual Conference,
    Global Marketing Special Interest Group

    The Honorable Merchant in International Marketing

    Cancun, Mexico
    Wednesday, April 16 – Friday, April 18, 2014
    More details...

    Posted:15:12, 22-10-2013

  • University - Industry Interaction Conference

    "Challenges and solutions for fostering entrepreneurial universities and collaborative innovation

    Posted:12:56, 17-10-2013

  • Vă invită la conferința internațională:

    Comunică pentru a trai mai bine din ciclul: Valori perene în educație

    Invitat special: Aleth Naquet,Co-fondator și formator de formatori al Institutului ESPERE International – Paris

    Cu participarea:- prof. univ. dr. Carmen Costea
    Universitatea Spiru Haret- prof. univ. dr. Vintilă Mihăilescu
    Școla Națională de Studii Politice și Administrative- Claudia Jimeno Beltran
    Director – Centrul de dezvoltare personală AmaneSer
    Traducerea: Cati Călin – trainer și consultant – Centrul AmaneSer
    Moderator: conf. univ. dr. Matei Georgescu – Universitatea Spiru Haret

    Conferință organizată de Facultatea de Sociologie-Psihologie, Universitatea Spiru Haret
    Miercuri, 23 octombrie 2013, orele 19-21.30
    Universitatea Spiru Haret, Sala Studio, Str. Ion Ghica nr. 13, parter

    Afis Fr. Afis

    Posted:23:28, 08-10-2013

  • Recital cameral 12,10. 2013, 19:00 - 21:00 Filarmonica George Enescu
    Sala mica  Concert sponsorizat de USH,
    HAJO WIENROTH – flauto traverso
    MARK BAIGENT – oboi baroc, oboe d’amore baroc
    FERNANDA ROMILA - clavecin
    Pagina Evenimentului Afis

    Posted:17:51, 08-10-2013

  • 2014 EuroMed Conference in Norway. Deadline for track chairs is 27th of November 2013. More details

    Posted:11:33, 08-10-2013

  • 2013 3rd International Conference on Social Sciences and Society (ICSSS 2013)
    December 27-28, 2013, Jeju Island, Korea

    Posted:11:16, 18-09-2013

  • International Workshop on Social Innovation affiliated to 2013 EMRBI International Conference
    On the 24th of September 2013, USH will organise in Senate Hall the Social Innovation International Workshop organised in Spiru Haret University together with EuroMed  Business Research Institute International Conference in Estoril. The program can be found at 2013  
    More details on ICCS.

    Posted:13:02, 09-09-2013

  • Spiru Haret University, Sociology-Psychology Department
    Romanian Association for Transpersonal Psychology
    Inkarri Multicultural Association USA
    Invite you to the international conference:
    The healing potential of amplified states of consciousness
     From the series: Spirituality serving education
     Special Guest: Juan Ruiz Naupari Director and founder of Inkarri Multicultural Association USA
    With the participation of:
    Prof. Ph. D. Ion Mânzat, Hyperion University
    Prof. Ph. D. Magda Buciu, National University of Music
    Ph. D. Ionel Mohîrța, Director of the Romanian Association for Transpersonal Psychology
    Andreea Matauan, psihotherapist
     Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Ph. D. Matei Georgescu, Spiru Haret University
     Conference organized by Spiru Haret University, Sociology-Psychology Department
    Monday, 23-rd of September 2013, 19-21.30 hours
    Spiru Haret University, Studio Hall, 13 Ion Ghica Street, Ground floor
     Free entrance

    Posted:11:41, 09-09-2013

  • International Seminar in Business, Management and Environemnt - a comprehensice study in Asian Economy 29-30 Oct.2013 Bali Indonezia

    More details

    Posted:16:54, 02-09-2013

  • Contemporary Issues in Business, Management and Education 2013, 14 NOv
    Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania.
    Accepted articles will be published on-line by Elsevier in its “Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences” publication, which is indexed in the Science Direct database.
    Details   Invitation CBME2013

    Posted:16:46, 02-09-2013

  • Spiru Haret University, Sociology-Psychology Department
    Center for Higher Studies of Consciousness - Brazil
    International Academy of Conscientiology - UK
    Nexus – new times magazine
    Invite you to the international conference:

     New approaches in the study of consciousness – the science of projectology
    From the series: Spirituality serving education

    Special Guest: Patricia Sousa - Director of the London Educational Centre of the International Academy of Consciousness

    Conference organized by Spiru Haret University, Sociology-Psychology Department
    Thursday, 18-th of July 2013, 19-21.30 hours

    Haret University, Studio Hall, 13 Ion Ghica Street, Ground floor
    free entrance


    Posted:10:51, 17-07-2013

  • Spiru Haret University, Sociology-Psychology Department
    Invite you to the international conference:

    The destiny of native spirituality in the context of education
    From the series: Spirituality serving education

    Special Guest: Vernon Foster, Klamath - Modoc Native American

    Conference organised by Spiru Haret University, Sociology-Psychology Department
    Sunday, 30-th of June 2013, 16-19 hours
    Haret University, Studio Hall, 13 Ion Ghica street, Ground floor
    Free entrance


    Posted:14:25, 26-06-2013

  • Banking and Financial Management 2013

    Summer School in Prague
    August 4-18

    Prague Development Center (PRADEC) together with partners (University  of Finance and Administration, European Financial Planning  Association, London International Graduate School) organises the  Summer School "Banking and Financial Management 2013", which offers  wide-ranging excurse to the latest developments in finance and  banking, financial institutions by discovering proven standards,  advanced management tools, and valuable experiences.

    Event will be held during August 4th-18th in Prague, Czech Republic.
    Event venue is

    The project assumes combination of academic insight and professional  expertise in areas:
    - Financial services  industry in period of financial crisis
    - Financial technology trends and innovations in Europe
    - Banking innovations, risk management, eBanking, global banking
    - Current issues in financial and capital management
    - Current trends in capital markets. Emerging markets
    - Project financing and international investments
    - Public finance. Issues in taxation and public finance management
    - Revised approach aftermath global financial crisis

    Interested to paricipate should send their contacts (profile, email and phones) to receive the prospect and consultation.

    Posted:11:11, 21-06-2013

  • Spiru Haret  University,
    Faculty of Financial and Accounting Management, Constanta

    "Promoters and Facilitators of the EU Strategy
    for the Danube Region (EUSDR)"
    ~ 21 - 22 June 2013 ~

    Posted:22:48, 20-06-2013

  • The students of Faculty of Art perform for you in the SWEET THURSDAY  after J.Steinbeck on: ● Thursday 13th of June 2013 hrs:18.00 and ● Monday 17th of June hrs: 19:00  in Aparatorii Patriei behind the Faculty of Law building in Black Box Studio

    Entrance is free.


    We are waiting for you!

    Posted:10:31, 09-06-2013

  • Call of candidature for  2013 Francophone International Volunteer

    Posted:11:02, 22-05-2013

  • Business Club 23rd of May 2013  The Personal Development: The path to success and a good career More details

    Posted:12:22, 20-05-2013

  • Thursday, 23rd of May 2013, 18.00,Studio Room

    The Personal Development: The path to success and a good career
    More details...

    Posted:11:28, 20-05-2013

  • More details...

    Posted:08:48, 10-05-2013

  • Virtual Sixth Astana Economic Forum and Global Anti-Crisis Conference Spiru Haret University is affiliated to Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Association
    More details ...


    Posted:11:30, 17-04-2013

  • New contest launched for students "San Franciso Fire Department Headquarters
    ARCHmedium is a platform that organizes architecture competitions for students on an international level. We believe that by participating in these competitions, which echo the same conditions and rigor as professional architecture competitions, enriches the students’ learning experience, gives them valuable insight into the process of professional architecture competitions and allows a unique opportunity to develop team work, technical precision and creativity.
    We would like to ask for your help in promoting a new contest we've just launched; "San Franciso Fire Department Headquarters". This contest has been organized with the collaboration of the American Institute of Architects and the Architecture School of Barcelona (ETSAB).
    We would love to encourage students in your faculty to participate in this event. We are asking for you help to promote it by forwarding this email onto your students, publishing it on your school's website, pinning up the poster that's attached to this message or any way you see fit.
    Alternatively we would love to discuss how we can personally help you do this, such as blog posts for your intranet, video conference calls, or any method that fits into your school’s curriculum, social media or extracurricular activity.
    Our competitions are open to all undergraduate architectural students as well as those of related disciplines: Engineering, Urbanism, Design, etc. This time round, we are also offering a Special Prize for Young Graduates that will be awarded separately.
    In the links below you'll be able to read and download further information about ARCHmedium competitions:

    Posted:09:49, 09-04-2013

  • Business Club Future Managers April, 25 th, 2013 hrs:18.00, Studio Hall - Counseling and career advisory No, you are not the most valuable asset” (Special guest:  Geroge Butunoiu - Head Hunter)

    Posted:10:01, 06-04-2013

  • Business Club Future Managers April, 11th, 2013 hrs:18.00, Studio Hall - Learn to be a human being (Speakers: Prof univ dr Constantin Popescu si Prof univ dr Alexandru Tasnadi)

    Posted:09:59, 06-04-2013

  • Business Club Future Managers April, 4th, 2013 hrs:18.00, Studio Hall - Attitude is everything (Speakers: Noura Al Kawadri, Larisa Mihoreanu, Diana Țâmpu, Adrian Vasile)  Poster

    Posted:09:56, 06-04-2013

  • During 29-31 July, 2013, another important international conference will take place at POHAG Korea: Econophysics Conference of Asia Pacific together with STATPHYS 25  POHANG Korea. The deadline for abstract submission is 30th of April 2013. USH is represented in the Scientific Committee together with outstanding international scientists.

    Posted:12:54, 03-04-2013

  • Bogazici University Sports Fest 2013 Invitation
    More details ...

    Posted:15:44, 01-04-2013

  • Business Club FUTURE MANAGERS

    Thursday, March 28, 2013, 18.00

    Posted:13:53, 25-03-2013

  • The Forum for Modern Language Studies launched a new contest. PROMOTE YOUR WORK BY SUBMITTING IT TO THE FORUM EASSAY PRIZE Deadline - 30th of April 2013

    Posted:14:44, 05-03-2013

  • Posted:09:41, 28-02-2013

  • MINSKY: Reforming economics with visual monetary modeling  by Professor Steve Keen. Prof Steve Keen a good friend of Spiru Haret University launched a new tool to reform Economics. More details at:

    Posted:08:21, 13-02-2013

  • Embassy of France, along with its partners, supports the

    - Embassy of France/Dalkia Romania: three scholarships in the energy field, completed by a work contract signed with Dalkia Romania upon graduation from the programme
    - Embassy of France/ENS Cachan: three Master scholarships with ENS Cachan;
    - Embassy of France/ Sciences Mathématiques Foundation in Paris: five Master 2 scholarships in Mathematics and Informatics
    And other programmes are to be found on the site of the French Institute in Romania! More details...   PGSM   DALKIA   ENS

    Posted:12:29, 05-02-2013

  • Call for candidature to projects regarding the strategy of an efficient University management. 
    More details...

    Posted:15:03, 04-02-2013

  • Call for candidature 2013 ‘Ateliere Știință franco-române/French-Romanian Science Workshops’

    Posted:13:28, 01-02-2013

  • International conference - Pop, Rock and Science Fiction

    The Faculty of Letters, the Centre of Multi-linguistic and Intercultural studies and the Central Research Institute of Spiru Haret University invites you to the International conference ‘Pop, Rock and Science Fiction’, 13 Ion Ghica Street, district 3, Bucharest, 16-19 May 2013.

    Posted:13:18, 01-02-2013

  • The 9th Scientific Colloquium of Econophysics and Complexity and the International Conference of Econophysics STATPHYS 25, Pohang, Korea, 29-31 July 2013.

    Posted:09:57, 01-02-2013

  • ESSA 2013: The 9th ESSA Conference of the European Association of Social Simulation, along with the School of Economics in Warsaw, to be held in Warsaw, Poland, 16-20 September 2013. (in versiunea romana apare 2012)

    Posted:09:56, 01-02-2013

  • The Honorary International Chair SUERD organizes the Training Session ‘The new competences and financing opportunities through the EU Strategy programmes for the Danube Region (SUERD), with the support of Spiru Haret University, at the SHU Bucharest main office, February 28 – March 1, 2013.
    More details...    Poster

    Posted:15:00, 28-01-2013

  • Cercul TOTEM

    The next meeting of the Circle of ethno-sociology, anthropology and human geography TOTEM takes place at the Faculty of Sociology-Psychology, 256 Basarabia Blvd, district 3, Teacher’s Room, on Thursday, January 31, at 11 am.
    The topic will be: ‘The harlequin cape.  The identity register of the Romanian-born Jews in Israel’ - a research of oral history. 
    The presentation will be delivered by Dr. Cosmina Paul, Babeş-Bolyai University.

    For further information:;;

    Posted:10:18, 28-01-2013

  • Conferintele de Joi

    Part of the ‘Conferintele de Joi’ (‘The Thursday conferences’) series, Sorin Cristescu, Lecturer PhD at the Faculty of International relations, History and Philosophy, will deliver a speech on ‘The Union of the Principalities on January 24, 1859 – a decisive moment of the Romanian nation proclamation.’
    The event will take place at the ‘Casa de Cultura’ of the Minister of Internal Affairs on Mihai Voda 22 Str., Thursday, January 24, starting with 3 p.m.

    Posted:10:00, 24-01-2013

  • First Call for the 6th Conference EuroMed (ISI Conference proceedings) Details at: . We invite you to join the Social Innovation Facing Bio Economics (Virtual Track), organized at Spiru HAret University Bucharest

    Posted:09:35, 23-01-2013

  • Summer Russian Language School in Moscow International Humanities and Linguistics Institute (MGLI), Moscow, Russia
    Bank Details  Enrollment Form Visa Application  Poster

    Posted:09:05, 22-01-2013

  • Multi-lateral call for EUREKA projects

    Posted:10:43, 17-01-2013

  • 

    Posted:19:06, 12-01-2013

  • 4th International Conference of Economic Sciences Quality of Life, Sustainability and Locality 9-10 May 2013 – Kaposvár University – Kaposvár - Hungary

    Posted:12:32, 11-01-2013

  • Commencement of enrollment for French Government Scholarships -2013-2014 -

    French Embassy offers Romanian students who wish to pursue higher education in France, in the academic year 2013-2014:
    1) Scholarships for Master 2: students enrolled or have completed the first year of Master in Romania who want to follow the 2nd year of Master in France.
    2) Joint degrees PhD Scholarships: for students who are or who have completed five years of study in Romania, or who are currently in first year PhD joint degrees in France.
    3) Copernicus Scholarships: engineers, economists and lawyers who wish to undertake a one-year training in management, in the framework of Copernicus.
    Date on which will terminate enrollment is March 1, 2013.
    For all information:

    Posted:09:59, 09-01-2013

  • CENTRUL INTERNAŢIONAL AL ARTELOR VIZUALE, structurat ca o platformă interactivă a fost studiat ca loc de comunicare interdisciplinară, sursă importantă de informare referitoare la activitatea culturală, spaţiu educaţional,  ofertă diversificată în domeniul artelor vizuale.
    propune soluţii pentru realizarea unui spaţiu public urban, destinat recreerii şi evenimentelor culturale în aer liber.

    Vineri, 21 decembrie 2012 la orele 1730
     Centrul international al artelor vizuale         Remodelarea malurilor Dambovita

    Posted:21:03, 20-12-2012

  • Learn and act BIG is determining the Future. Conter for Global Justice provides volunteer opportunities:

    Posted:09:00, 20-12-2012

  • 10th International conference of the

    European Society for Ecological Economics

    Posted:11:21, 19-12-2012

  • Posted:16:47, 12-11-2012

  • The 4th edition of the Postgraduate Initiative at Guy’s

    Guy’s Researchers Society, the main event organizer, was supported by Spiru haret University and The Alternative Sciences Association, Bucharest. 

    Posted:10:51, 07-12-2012

  • FUTURICT Road – Towards a new dimension or another form of civilization

    Interview with Mrs. Carmen Costea, Prof PhD, Prorector of Spiru Haret University

    Posted:10:18, 04-12-2012

  • PIG 2012 meeting

    Event organized in collaboration USH King's College London.
    A common EvEste a student at the Faculty of Marketing and Business iInternationale (USH) and Romanian researchers from King's College in collaboration London.eniment USH King's College London

    Posted:14:07, 03-12-2012

  • Congress of Rectors of Alliance of Central-Eastern European Universities (ACEU)

    ACEU is a superior alliance of universities in the central-eastern region of Europe, with the main target to build new partnerships in higher education and research, in order to bring its contribution to the development of a knowledge economy.  The universities that are members in the ACEU are: University of Kaposvar (Hungary), University of Presov (Hungary), University of Donja Gorica, Podgorica (Montenegro), Spiru Haret University, Bucharest (Romania), FON University, Skoplje (Republic of Macedonia), Educons University, Sremska Kamenica (Republic of Serbia), Apeiron University, Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), University of Shkoder (Republic of Albania), University of Primorska, Koper (Republic of Slovenia), University of Sofia (Bulgaria), University of Agribusiness and Rural development, Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and WUS University (Austria) as a guest university.

    The Annual Conference will have in attendance Rector, Pro-rectors, Presidents, Vice-presidents and the General Secretary of the Alliance.  On this occasion, certain topics will be approached, such as: electing the working committees, outlining the executive duties of the Alliance committees, establishing partnerships and development of new activities stipulated in the Articles of Association, making recommendations for new members or exclusion of the non-performing ones.

    Posted:10:35, 06-11-2012

  • "Parcelări bucureştene" exhibition

    The exhibition takes us in a trip through images and case studies of the parceled property neighborhoods in Bucharest, former residential parcellation of the beginning of 20th century and mainly of the inter-bellum period.  The study has been the result of a task of urban exploration in Bucharest, given for the practicum of the students at the Faculty of Architecture of ‘Spiru Haret’ University between 2010 and 2012.  The exhibition is a pertinent outcome of the cultural project developed within the ‘Urban Observatory’ of the Union of Architects in Romania from the Architecture Tax Fund.

    Date: Monday, November 5, at 5 pm
    Location: Main office of Spiru Haret University – 13 Ion Ghica Str., district 3, Bucharest
    Project coordinator: ASOP – Association of the Landscape Artists in Romania
    Partners: ‘Spiru Haret’ University, Faculty of Architecture, RPR +, Department of Contemporary Studies

    Posted:12:39, 05-11-2012