• General Inspectorate for Immigration offers you the opportunity to submit on-lin, 24/7, for extension of the temporary stay right for studies by accessing the website


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  • Spiru Haret University

    is now a member of the United Nations Academic Impact.

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  • Lansare competitie Premierea rezultatelor cercetarii - ARTICOLE
    Competitie 2013 Program Resurse Umane
    A fost lansata competitia 2013 pentru Premierea rezultatelor cercetarii - ARTICOLE din cadrul Programului Resurse Umane. Competitia se adreseaza cercetatorilor afiliati unor institutii din Romania, autori de articole stiintifice publicate in reviste indexate de Thomson Reuters in Science Citation Index Expanded ("Science"), Social Sciences Citation Index ("Social Sciences") sau Arts & Humanities Citation Index ("Arts & Humanities").
    Se premieaza doar articolele publicate in reviste indexate ISI care au incadrarea "document type" ca (1)"article"; (2)"review".In cazul „Social Sciences” se vor lua in considerare pentru premiere si articole avand incadrarea “Article; Proceedings Paper.
    Pentru premiile acordate din bugetul anului 2013 se primesc cereri de finantare in regim continuu, pana la data de 29 noiembrie 2013 .Cererile vor fi analizate si admise / respinse in ordinea primirii lor. Cererile admise vor fi platite in ordinea admiterii lor, in limita fondurilor disponibile.

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  • 30th March - 4rd April 2014 Dresden Conference on Physics of Socio-Economic Systems

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    IZI Ltd (trading as Easy Job Bridge) was founded in 2003 and is working as intermediate company for students’ work placements under Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci programmes.

    All work placements are carefully selected according students’ qualifications. One of our staff accompanies student on his first day at work and introduces him to the company and the mentor to ensure the successful beginning of a work experience. An informal job interview is carried out at the same day. This way students gain practice in presenting themselves to a new employer. We keep a regular contact with a mentor and a student.

    The internships are unpaid. Students will be given a letter of recommendation from the company and an internship’s certificate at the end of their stay.

    There is no administration fee for Erasmus students if they choose to stay at our self-catering apartments. Our accommodation costs 80Eur/week on shared basis, 100Eur/week for a single room. 100 Eur deposit is collected on their arrival. Airport transfers (both ways) costs 40Eur/person. Discounts are given for the groups.

    Students have an option to find an apartment on their own. In this case, they are charged 250 Eur administration fee for finding a suitable work placement, administration work and accompanying person for the first day at the host company. Students are requested to pay for our services in full 2 weeks prior their arrival to Malta.

    To start our collaboration is very easy – you (or the student directly) only needs to send his/hers CV and motivation letter, approximate dates of the placement and if our accommodation is required. After we prepare the acceptance letter and start working on the placement.

    Please also see our brochure attached to this email. We would appreciate if you could share this information with your students (for instance, by uploading it on your website).

    Let me also remind you that Malta is English speaking country, it is known for its warm and sunny climate and it is one of the safest countries in Europe. Nevertheless, we are in charge of students during their entire stay in Malta and they can always contact us in case of a problem.

    If you have any questions, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you regarding the possibilities of our possible future cooperation.

    Afis Poster

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  • New deadline to apply for the Master program in "Teaching French and foreing languages" More details ...

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  • Spiru Haret University present at the Regional Francophone Festival, Bucharest April 8-12, 2013 
    The Spiru Haret University (USH) participated at the openings of the Regional Festival for Young Francophones - second edition - organized by the "Bureau Europe Centrale et Orientale (BECO)" and the "Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)" which takes place in Bucharest, at "Casa Universitarilor" venue, between 8 and 12 of April, 2013. Our university was represented by: Larisa Mihoreanu (student), Anca Ungureanu (assist. professor) and Adrian Vasile (PhD student).
    More details ...

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  • Online Application Procedure for incoming students at France Business School Amiens Campus
    More details...

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  • For USH Students and academics:Oxford University is organizing international summer schools.More details and contact at:

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    The management team of the POSDRU/109/2.1/G/81724 project on ‘GeoTurismPractic’ announces the successful completion of activity A. 13 ─ Preparation and development of the ‘Tourism young entrepreneurs’ workshop, which took place in the year I of the project implementation.  The event featured two sessions: Session I: July - September 2012 and Session II: October - December 2012.

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    The management team of the POSDRU/109/2.1/G/81724 project on ‘GeoTurismPractic’ announces the successful completion of activity A. 12 ─ ‘Professional counseling and career orientation’, in the year I of the project implementation, between September and December 2012. 

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    The management team of the POSDRU/109/2.1/G/81724 project on ‘GeoTurismPractic’ announces the successful completion of activity A. 10 ─ ‘The organization and development of practicum stages’, an activity that took place in the year I of implementation for 5 (five) professions in the field of tourism: tour operator, tourism agent, agency director, tourism manager and boarding house administrator, between August and December 2012.

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  • EUSDR - Educational Gate for High Science

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  • Call of applications for students speaking French Language for the The second Festival of Francophone Students from Central and Eastern Europe

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  • FuturICT December Newsletter, Spiru Haret University is flagship partner

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  • News from the world of science

    European Society for Ecological Economics

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  • WORKING FOR THE PERIOD 24.12.2012 - 07.01.2013

    1. În zilele de 27, 28.12.2012 şi 03, 04.01.2013 plata taxelor de studiu poate fi făcută la casieria Universităţii SPIRU HARET din str. IonGhica nr. 13 (sediul central) şi la casieriile centrelor universitare din teritoriu (Braşov, Constanţa, Câmpulung Muscel, Craiova şi Râmnicu Vâlcea)  între orele 09.00-14.00.

    2. În perioada 24.12.2012-07.01.2013, secretariatele Universităţii  SPIRU HARET şi serviciul eliberări diplome nu lucrează cu publicul.

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  • The European Union Strategy for the Danube Region- SUERD (EUSDR)

    Research/ design and professional training opportunities

    Gheorghe Ionaşcu, Associate Professor, Phd, Architect

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         The German Academic Exchange Service offers over 100 individual grants for students, graduates, PhD candidates and researchers for the academic year 2013/ 2014.
         Language courses and master programmes are financed, as well as research internships during PhD programmes. The special focus is on the fact that applications in English are available for several programmes.
         You can find a full description of the grant offer for academic year 2013/ 2014 here:

    Click here for details regarding a brief description of the most important grant programmes

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