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Banks and Financial Markets

The ‘Banks and Financial markets’ master programme belongs to the ‘Finance’ area and aims to prepare top specialists, qualified in the study and analysis of the monetary issues, banking, capital market and insurance.


This programme intends to prepare specialists able to appropriately meet the requirements of the current demands of the institutions in the financial-banking, insurance and stock market sectors, as well as to improve their knowledge in the field of financing for small and medium-sized companies, real estate development. The graduates will be thus capable of critically analyzing and correctly solving the specific problems, devising and making the best decisions in their activity.


The ‘Banks and Financial markets’ master programme targets the graduates of the ‘Finance and Banking’ majors and is visibly able to integrate itself in practice, since the banking activity, insurance and capital market are constantly expanding and diversifying in our country, and so is the demand for better specialists.

The operating mechanisms of the market economy, mainly the financial-banking ones, require an improvement in this specific field, so that the future specialists be able to document the financial-monetary strategies and tactics, to professionally analyze and enhance the impact of the financial-monetary instruments on national economy, to improve the methods and techniques in the financial-monetary and credit sectors, to efficiently manage the money resources at micro- and macroeconomic levels.  


The graduates of the master programme will be employed with insurance companies, banks, capital market intermediation in Romania (within the companies of financial investments, rating agencies, investment administration, traders, consultants in financial investments, etc.), with the financial departments at the economic agents and special departments of local and central financial organisms.


From the perspective of COR (Classification of Professions in Romania), the career opportunities include the following: financial-banking counsellor, banking financial expert, financial banking inspector, insurance inspector, investment analyst, shares/bonds manager, consultant, risk control specialist, general bank inspector, bank manager, transactions/product manager, banking products designer, insurance expert, insurance coordination inspector, financial analyst, economy expert in the economic administration, researcher in finance-banking, etc.


When this study programme was initiated, the general agreement was that the reform in the financial-banking system in Romania would finally lead to reaching a high standard of quality, specific to the developed and competitive economies and that the integration of the Romanian economy involved an ever stronger competition in the field of financial markets, mainly in the context of the liberalization of the financial services.

In light of the above, a constant professional improvement of the specialists is required in the sectors of banking, stock market, insurance and their specialization for the most recent directions of the banking activity and of the portfolio administration, which will also witness a strong development in Romania.  This training will trigger a diversification and an improvement of the financial-banking services and of the quality of relation between banks and their clients.  Likewise, the development of the capital market in Romania and the predictable diversification of the transaction mechanisms on this market will imply the meeting of the current and future requirement, namely the increase in the number of specialists and in their specific knowledge.


Master programme Coordinator: Ionescu Eduard, Assoc Prof PhD