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    • The start of a new academic year

      Rector’s opening speech:

      Dear students,

      Distinguished colleagues,

      Here we are together again at the start of a new academic year. It is a great honour to be able to thank you for the way you contribute to the development of our academic community. I welcome the first-year students and congratulate them on their choice. Together with all the students of Spiru Haret University, you have our full support to build a successful career, a bright future and a well-deserved place in Romanian society.

      And since we are talking about success, we have to mention that more than 75% of the graduates of our university are working and are recognized in their field of study. This is not of little importance, especially if we consider that more than 340,000 Romanians have graduated from Spiru Haret University!

      This is why we can say that we truly offer a guarantee of quality in education. Others say so too, as evidenced by our presence in the rankings of famous international specialised organisations, where we are consistently the best-ranked private higher education institution in Romania.

      These remarkable performances are the result of the sustained effort of the entire management team, whose mission is to implement and improve teaching and scientific research processes of the highest quality, based on the principles of educational efficiency, managerial transparency and financial responsibility.


Spiru Haret University (USH) is the biggest private university in Romania. It was set up and accredited as a higher education institution by the National Education Act 443/2002.

USH Bucharest is part of the Romania de Maine Foundation - founded on the 19th of January 1991 by Professor Aurelian Gh. Bondrea within a social and political context open to the democratic changes in Romania.

The name assigned to the university is intrinsically linked to Spiru Haret personality. Founder of the national modern education, Spiru Haret is the promoter of a large social and cultural movement with national echoes.

Due to the endeavors and dedication of the academic and administrative staff, as well as of its students, USH objective has been closely linked to become a top university of education and research in Europe. ARACIS (the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education), has institutionally accredited USH academic programs of studies both at undergraduate and master level. This determines us, as management and community, to follow the Romanian traditions of good education and share the high prestige that Romanian school knew along the years.


We are definitely committed to excellence in work and education for Life!


An accredited higher education institution, a legal person of private law and public utility, part of the national education system
Main office: 13 Ion Ghica Str., District 3, Bucharest
Zip code: 030045
Tel: (004021) 455.1000; 314.00.75; 314.00.76
Fax: (004021) 314.39.08

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