Spiru Haret University
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Dear future students,
             To become great specialists in any domain you need to learn to know yourself, quantify your possibilities and needs and get the most appropriate degree and knowledge.
           Spiru Haret University offers a unique lifetime experience to those who seek to be accomplished and authentic specialists and leaders.
           Our mission is to educate and guide our students toward the fulfillment of their entire potential in Life. Our graduates will become the World’s future citizens who can out-think and out-bright and overcome the exigencies of a fair competition with Self, with Life, and with Future of the Humankind.
           Spiru Haret University provides all the academic rigor and lustiness you should expect from an outstanding program. Our University has numerous collaborations with other Romanian and International Universities and very good connections with business and media communities making an aim serve Society for the best.
           As an undergraduate and master's student at Spiru Haret University, you will be exposed to a variety of opportunities helping you to enlarge your personal and career horizons. Our programs are taught by academics with a passion for teaching, research and real business world experience; they will provide you with the necessary tools for an all-round educational experience.
           Spiru Haret University aims to grow/mentor/form competent, entrepreneurial, internationally oriented, socially responsible specialists, globally thinking managers and leaders who can master tomorrow’s societal challenges.
           Nowadays, the World requires dynamic and motivated people like you, to play a significant role in shaping the global environment in all its diversity in addressing specific and new challenges. No matter the profession chosen, you will need to possess skills in leadership, business and management, to better shape your cross-cultural and organizational education. These qualities will make the difference between what the society dispose at the moment and what the future economy needs not only in Romania and Europe but the rest of the world as well.
           We will ensure that upon the completion of your studies at USH, you will be well-equipped to face the aforementioned issues and adapt to your future chosen job.
           Our philosophy towards teaching, totally centered on students’ needs, has enabled us to create an effective and stimulating learning environment.
           We think that what sets Spiru Haret University apart from all other universities is a successful combination of factors, such as ● solid theory base, ● case studies of success stories, ● high interaction in class between all participants, ● online student resources supporting individual study due to a reliable Blackboard platform, ● exposure to business and industry opportunities through the University network.
           We are sure that you will find the right programme for you from the various ones that Spiru Haret University is offering from business, and veterinary medicine. We are here to advise and guide you in your choices to help you become tomorrow’s great leaders who by offering strategic direction and making good use of financial, legal, marketing, human, and technological resources will redesign the World’s Future.

We are all welcoming you!


             The geographical positioning: in the south eastern part of Europe, with direct access to the Danube River and the Black Sea makes Romania a strategic and attractive area half way between the Americas and far Asia and a meeting point between three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa.
            Situated at the crossroads of civilisations, Romania has a rich cultural history influenced by Romans, Greeks, Ottomans, and Slavic-Orientals who left a legacy for the modern visitor to discover and admire.
            Romania has a large variety of scenery, from golden beaches, green forests, and mountains, to warn hills with orchards and other natural wonders. Romania remains famous for its welcoming and generous Inhabitants.
            Part of the European Union since January 2007 Romania is an emerging country, politically stable, a bridge between Western Europe and Eastern Asiatic civilisations and markets. Offering a great portfolio of business investment, Romania comes forth as a leading business and financial opportunity linking the Black Sea and the Danube to the rest of the country in various business sectors such as tourism, consultancy, shipping, telecommunications, banking, and insurance services.
            Romania is provides an ideal setting for higher education, which is why it has become a major international education center, attracting scholars and students from all over the region. The ERASMUS programs also contribute to developing a large diversity in education being a meeting place for international understanding and joy,


             Founded in 1990, Spiru Haret University is the biggest private university in Romania and has established its reputation in building an education for Life, in a modern, progressive, and welcoming  institution, offering specific and unique educational opportunities to students of varied backgrounds.
            At Spiru Haret University, students benefit from: ● the opportunity to earn an academic well-recognised qualification; ● its diverse academic and professional expertise; ● its increasing links with the industry, business, and media representatives; ● an international perspective through student exchange programmes and collaboration with other international universities Spiru Haret University is teaching its students from different countries especially leadership skills in different professions in the fields of the arts, government, industry and commerce.
            Spiru Haret University has branches situated in different important Romanian cities Bucharest, Craiova, Constanta, Brasov, Câmpulung-Muscel
 and Ramnicu Valcea. Bucharest, as the capital of the country, is the core of executive, administrative, economic, financial, diplomatic, commercial, and cultural life. The city is rich in cultural and historical heritage with museums, theatres, art galleries, and libraries. Foreign embassies and consulates are also located here. Bucharest is the ideal centre for business and leisure, with easy access to several existing to highroads, airports and train stations. Bucharest is a popular venue for international workshops and conferences, for annual exhibitions and fairs, with excellent infrastructure included in the Parliament House where an International Conference Centre was open.
            Spiru Haret University has 16 faculties located on several campuses in Bucharest and in the country-side, located in modern, new buildings hosting lecture theatres, seminar rooms, laboratories, libraries, and student accommodation. They are all located near the city centres, making it easier for all its students to take full advantage of the cultural, historical, and international modern environment.
            Spiru Haret University has a well-developed Blackboard platform, an online eLearning interface where students interact with academics, stay updated with the latest university news, and have access to their online courses or library resources.
            Spiru Haret University has its own national education television channel and Radio broadcasting; also a student Club, several sport grounds, a student studio for graphic and design, a cinema theatre [Cine Studio], gyms, games rooms, a restaurant all make our community life - students and academics - more relaxant, more creative.
            USH made an significccant investments in all its campuses to offer excellent working conditions for its students and academics making all these logistics its unique selling point.


             Spiru Haret University has an international vision, trend of development, and mentality in both its system of education and community life. Conscious of its unique position as the first private university in Romania, Spiru Haret University's logistic advantages consist of working every day towards  enhancing opportunities for education for all people no matter the age, gender, ethnic background, or culture.
            Spiru Haret University aims to promote high academic standards, strong principles, and good values of work and life. Students are encouraged to pursue their self-development acquire competencies and new skills and grow as responsible, honest, and culturally tolerant persons.
            The University’s policies and strategies emphasize that flexible and good management plays a key role in getting sound expertise and positive growth and productivity. All activities are translated through specific efforts in executive and students education, degree-granting, business consulting and management research.
            The Spiru Haret University educational programs are dynamic and motivating; its policy reflects large specialization, experiential learning, and optimum use of study time. The content and structure of Spiru Haret University curricula fit into Bologna Agreement practices and requirements; it is constantly updated, and adjusted, incorporating the latest approaches to management education and training skills.
            Our primary mission is to prepare the students to become, world-leading specialists, the best managers, and citizens in today's global competitive environment. They are taught to gain competitive advantages, the ability to perform tasks and appropriate roles in future jobs, capability to drive them to a successful edge.


The Academic Year
             Spiru Haret University's academic year follows the standard system of higher education and is divided into two semesters (from October to January and from February to May) amounting to 14 weeks. The semester starts with the students’s enrolment and concludes with the three examination weeks covering all of their courses.

Evaluation of Performance
             Continuous evaluation of student performance is undertaken all the semester-long. This includes evaluation of oral presentations, group projects, written reports, tests, and participation in written examinations. Once the semester ends, a period of three weeks is allocated for students’ assessment - written, oral, or online, depending on each course's requirements.

Transfer Credits
             Students who wish to apply for transferable credits earned at different undergraduate or graduate programs must submit along with the application for transfer credits, a course syllabus (preferably), or course description of the coursework previously completed, and the appropriate transcript.

Grading System
             At the end of each semester and summer session, all students can see their grades on the virtual online Blackboard system where they can participate in a forum together with other students and professors or download all the educational resources from the Blackboard platform. The grades are granted on a general scale from 1 to 10, depending on each course specific requirements.


             The following admission requirements must be satisfied for a student to be admitted:
            1. An accredited Baccalaureate degree (European, American or other international equivalent) is required for admission to any undergraduate program. An accredited Bachelor's degree is required for graduate programs.
            2. A dossier containing all the required papers forms the first step of admission and will be followed by a discussion interview. 3. Individual Interviews – this is the standard practice for all students. The interviews elicit motivation, leadership, potential, and personal mission. In special cases, where interviews are not possible, written evidence and data on the applicant’s potential past work experience, maturity, and personality are assessed to the best possible degree.


             The study programs require 36 months of study (3 academic years) for undergraduate and 24 months of study (2 academic years) for graduate programs.


             Application packages may be obtained from Spiru Haret University. You may also send a message to  international@spiruharet.ro
             The package includes a USH presentation brochure, an application form and two preset letters of recommendation for the graduate programs. One of them is to be completed and signed by one faculty member of the institution where the candidate obtained his/her Bachelor’s degree and the other is to be signed by his/ her current employer if the candidate is  employed.
           Student applications and all supporting documents must be in Romanian or English. Original documents in a language other than Romanian should be officially recognized by the Minister of National Education, Department of Official Recognition of Diplomas.

For Local Students the following documents are required:
           - Application Form
           - Baccalaureate /Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent qualification
           - Academic Transcript/Grade Report
           - Other certificates or exams results
           - Admission fees
           - Medical Report
           - Three recent passport-size photos

For International Students the following documents are required:
            - Application Form
            - Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of National Education  
            - Academic Transcript/Grade Report
            - Other certificates or exam results
            - Admission fees
            - Medical Report
            - Three recent passport-size photos

The Admissions Office will not process any Application for Admission unless all ` documents and fees, as listed above, are submitted.


             Students of Spiru Haret University are ambitious people and they come from different areas of private and public interest from different schools and organizations within the government and industry. Companies and organizations that develop strong links with USH may provide internships to the best students.
            Spiru Haret University provides students with a rigorous academic challenge together with a rich personal development experience. A community of dedicated faculty staff and engaged students is the best environment for invaluable mentoring and teamwork opportunities. The classes’ sizes are on average, offering the opportunity for multiple exchanges and networking between students and educators.
            We are proud of our programs that we constantly improve based on excellence in teaching and research and we are supporting the development of a culture of innovation within the modern Romanian Higher Education.
            We are dedicated to the success of our students and we hope to offer them the right environment for them to grow and make a positive impact on the Society.