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Physical Education and sport training

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

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Physical Education and Sport Training








A. Motivation


The master studies are a natural follow-up to the bachelor cycle of studies.  The programme of ‚Physical Education and Sport training’ is a complement to the educational offer of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, with the purpose to prepare specialists with academic and professional abilities that will match the requirements of the professional and scientific market. This programme has a twofold mission, didactic and research, and targets the individuals involved in the instructional - educational activity in the field of physical education and sport.


The courses can be attended by bachelor graduates in physical education and sport, namely the physical education teachers, coaches trained in related higher education institutions, private or state-run. The audience can include active or retired performance sportsmen who wish to choose for continuing education or consolidate their knowledge in a master programme.


The enrollment in such academic  programme is strongly motivated by the fact that it is a natural addition to the bachelor studies, and it provides the graduates with the opportunity of teaching in high schools.


The target group is made up of:


-          graduates holding a bachelor degree diploma in the field of physical education and sport, interested in teaching and filling in the relevant positions in high schools and universities;

-          graduates holding a bachelor degree diploma in the field of physical education and sport, interested in coaching at sport clubs;

-          graduates holding a bachelor degree diploma in the field of physical education and sport, interested in research;

-          graduates holding a bachelor degree diploma in the field of physical education and sport, interested in organizing activities for leisure time.


B. Novelty


The content of this programme belongs to an advanced training and consolidates the theoretical and practical knowledge and the development of the research skills, for their future professional career.

The master programmes are a rational continuation in the educational process of the students, both in the curricula and the practice training, by the structure of the disciplines. The master students enjoy a new and important study component, oriented towards more practice, visible in the percentage of these activities.



C. Training of the master students


The main target of the programme is to prepare highly qualified human resources, with a transdisciplinary theoretical and practical training.  The objectives related to the students enrolled in this programme will refer to:

-          provision of quality in the academic process of education, by solid training coming from the curricula and syllabuses that will facilitate insertion into the labor market;

-          development of partnerships with older universities, to assure an efficient transfer of knowledge and skills related to this field;

-          expansion of the formative competences to three dimensions: cognitive, practical and of communication;

-          provision of skills to the students in their professional training, at a higher level;

-          capitalization of the social dimension of the performance in sport and its international effects.


D. Practicum


The practicum is included in the curriculum and holds a significant percentage.  This training is about direct activities carried out in school and sport institutions at the high school level, sport clubs, sport associations.  The content of this practice is structured and different for each sport branch. The teaching staff is valuable, they are specialists and former performance sports people.



E. Field of employment

The range of insertion into the labor market for the graduates of this master programme is quite large.  The professions which they are skilled for are the following:


- 347501 coach

- 347511 coach coordinator

- 122901 sport federation coach 

- 347506 professional soccer coach

- 347510 sport animator

- 347512 referee, umpire

- 122910 principal in kindergarten, primary, secondary and vocational schools

- 347513 trainer

- 232201 secondary school teacher

- 232101 teacher in secondary, post-secondary, vocational schools

- 233101 primary school teacher

- 233201 kindergarten school teacher

- 347503 federation registrar

- 347505 professional sportsman, other sport branches




Georgeta Niculescu, Assoc Prof PhD